04 Feb 2017

Review: Gogo 2Ku global broadband satellite internet on Delta

Last week, I flew from Chicago to New York LaGuardia airport, just so I could catch a plane back to Minneapolis. The purpose of this fun one-day trip was to fly on a Gogo 2Ku equipped plane, and test our system in a real world environment. On the Gogo PR team, I’ve had plenty of flights on our own test plane, but this would actually be my first flight using the commercial version of 2Ku.

The results of this test are exactly what you’d see if you were using 2Ku – nobody at Gogo was looped in about my testing, and I logged in using a session purchased through at the same time I booked my ticket.

Due to the layout of LaGuardia airport, I moved towards the B concourse so I could get a better view of my incoming plane, which also gave me the opportunity to take my own #DomeSpotting photo. My plane for the day is almost parked at its gate above, and you can clearly see the Gogo 2Ku radome towards the middle.

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Source : Gogo Air LLC.

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