10 May 2017

Air France-KLM selects Rockwell Collins visual systems for new 787 Dreamliner and five existing flight simulators

Air France-KLM has selected Rockwell Collins to provide its visual systems for a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner simulator and upgrades to their existing flight training devices. The Rockwell Collins systems include the industry-leading EP®-8100 image generator, laser-illuminated projectors, and a Panorama™ collimated display.

“Our visual system suite of solutions will provide Air France-KLM with a whole new level of realism for their trainees,” Nick Gibbs, vice president and general manager of Simulation & Training Solutions at Rockwell Collins. “Beyond improved reality and performance, they will also benefit from an overall lower cost of ownership with this latest technology.”

In addition to its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner visual system, Air France will also upgrade the projectors on four of its Boeing 777 simulators and an existing Airbus A320 simulator. Additionally, KLM will also upgrade one Boeing 777 simulator with a Rockwell Collins EP-8100 and laser-illuminated projectors.

The EP-8100 is the first image generator to offer an auto-generated, fully global 3-D feature populated model of the world which enhances realism during training. With these latest upgrades, all Boeing 777 simulators operated by Air France-KLM will be equipped with EP-8000 series image generators from Rockwell Collins.

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