19 Mar 2017

Swiss International Air Lines uses a standardized user interface for check-in systems from Lufthansa Systems

Another Lufthansa Group airline is benefiting from a standardized user interface for check-in systems at all of its airports thanks to cFront/LAGUNA

To make its departure control and adjacent applications standardized accessible from the respective CUTE systems at each of the airports in its network, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is using cFront/LAGUNA, the CUTE systems from Lufthansa Systems. CUTE stands for Common Use Terminal Equipment. This software enables airlines to make shared use of airport IT infrastructures. This means that different airlines can use the same hardware to access their own application servers for passenger and flight handling. The cFront/LAGUNA adapter software helps standardize the different versions of the CUTE systems.

In addition to SWISS, other airlines in the Lufthansa Group are also using cFront/LAGUNA. Brussels Airlines, for instance, also introduced the system last year. This means different airlines in the Group can benefit from a shared check-in system if necessary.

“cFront/LAGUNA was already available at several airports in the SWISS network since we certified and supplied the Group solution together. SWISS benefited from this because, during the implementation, we simply had to add the information specific to the Swiss airline. This lowered costs and sped up the implementation,” said Bjoern Steinbrecher, Head of cGroup Solutions at Lufthansa Systems.

For many years, Lufthansa Systems has offered airlines comprehensive CUTE services – from setting up the applications to carrying out updates and maintenance. cFront/LAGUNA was modified by the experts to meet the specific needs of the Lufthansa Group. The software is based on the CUTE solution known as cGroup. It accesses an airline’s IT systems in a smooth, standardized way and supports all leading CUTE platforms as well as the new standards for Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS). Users can access the system from anywhere with a web app. cFront/LAGUNA also offers monitoring functions that provide an overview of the status at all CUTE and CUPPS airports and enables the responsible management team to intervene quickly in the event of a disruption.

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Source : Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG

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