19 Mar 2017

Dear Chinese airlines: Digital marketing works in other ways

Technological innovation has changed almost everything from how we travel to how parking lot attendants increase their income. 

TravelDaily China is the one and only "Super Connector" in China’s travel industry, and we have been helping some of the best digital marketing companies in the country to better understand the rapidly evolving airline industry adapting to economic transition, and how airlines should leverage various digital tools to engage with the Chinese travelers during the whole customer journey.

Last week, the company’s CEO & founder Charlie Li and I attended the 2017 Airline Festival Asia in Singapore. In the event, Charlie organized a panel discussion with a few executives of China’s airline companies. I was impressed by certain cutting-edge technologies for airline retail, merchandising and customer engagement.

After the event, I am compelled to discuss the digital trends for China’s travel and airline industries. 

1. China’s digital era is now 

At a time when China is transitioning from an investment-led economy to a consumption-driven one, its internet penetration has been growing rapidly in the past 10 years and is reaching a saturation point with mobile becoming dominant in searching, planning, purchasing and sharing. 

Apps, WeChat, QR code, VR and live streaming are redefining the whole customer journey in this diverse and fragmented market. Revolutionary innovations in digital marketing like Programmatic Media Buying, Re-Targeting and Big Data will turn the traditional marketing industry on its head.

2. Airlines are transitioning

In the context of globalization, mobilization and social transition, the age of smart digital marketing has been approaching quietly. The experience of smooth, context-aware and personalized online-offline integration will be the king of the new era. Integration between the online and offline worlds has thus become a focus on the events series of TravelDaily China

How will major airlines in China adapt to the new digital travel journey? I explored this with some experts during the two-days airline conference.

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