14 Mar 2017

Bots & HoloLens: An era of Zero UI & Handsfree computing

The era of handsfree computing is here. From Bots to Gesture based computing powered by mixed reality, the future holds unimaginable scope for interactive communication between humans and the virtual world.

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing engine, Bots provide an unparalleled engaging and interactive experience for users to complete simple, repetitive tasks (e.g., ordering food, applying leave, organizing meetings, providing weather updates) through conversations.

Their speed of operation and the conversational mode of interaction (the "what can I do for you" approach) make bots one of the most intriguing technological innovations of recent times. Clearly, instant, intelligent, and interactive form of communication outperforms mobile apps that serve specific purposes - an app for booking cabs, another for ordering food, and so on. Bots provide the attractive option of getting everything done from just one source, circumventing the need for multiple apps or even search engines to provide crucial information and automate simple tasks.

Apply this to an ERP - Users no longer find the need to wade through complex screens of menus and options - just a few minutes of pleasant, intelligent interactions with their virtual assistants can get their work done. Its ability to provide alerts and forecasts, list all possible options based on a cognitive assessment of all variables, and its buddy-type interaction makes bots ideal to increase productivity in many areas of enterprise application - especially in the complex business of Aviation Maintenance.

The cognitive era is certainly well on its way to becoming a standard way of human-machine interaction. It will not be surprising to see desktops give way for innovative handsfree computing devices like hololens and bots which can work alongside humans to simplify most of the routine activities and leave the tougher tasks for human hands to work on!

Source : Virender Aggarwal CEO, Ramco Systems | LinkedIn

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