05 Mar 2017

RiM goes platform-agnostic after streaming box pivot

When Lufthansa Group’s LSG SkyChefs subsidiary acquired Retail inMotion and Media inMotion just over a year ago, the big question was how the successful streaming media and onboard retail player would fit into the larger Group picture, especially given the overlap in the overheated “streaming content in a box” market with Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect Portable.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that the BoardConnect brand seems to have won that game, with the Media inMotion streaming content product not appearing on the company portfolio when CCO Stefan Patermann and director IT-Sales Jan Blanchard sat down with Runway Girl Network for an update.
Retail inMotion now comprises five subgroups: onboard retail (OBR), the point-of-sale and logistics business (Technology inMotion), a product-agnostic advertising and retail platform (the new Media inMotion), product development and fulfilment (Products inMotion) and the services/consultancy/training/design group (Services inMotion).

Across the RiM portfolio, Patermann says, “we have 32 customers, and some of them we have had for many years — big European customers and so on.” One example – RiM’s brand new arrangement with LATAM. “But with some other customers we have confidentiality agreements and cannot widely mention the name.” 

However, RiM does span the gamut of types of carrier, Patermann notes. “Number one is low-cost — we are very established in the low-cost area. Number two is leisure — we have many of the charter companies in Europe, including the three biggest who we have as customers. And then there’s traditional airlines, which are purchasing our IT product and at the moment of the five big traditional airlines we have two so far in our customer portfolio.”

But now that MiM is pivoting away from the streaming content side of the game, is stablemate Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect a preferred partner in IFE?

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Source : Runway Girl Network | Kirby Media Group

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