18 Feb 2017

ADS-B Equipage in Australia – Not “If” but “When”


If you currently fly in or plan to fly in Australian airspace, some recent changes to ADS-B Out mandate enforcement dates may impact you. If you don’t have ADS-B Out now, your compliance date may vary, but you’ll eventually need to equip to fly Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in Australian airspace.  On November 22nd, The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) issued two documents, CASA 113/16 and CASA 114/16, which provide temporary ADS-B Out equipage exemptions to certain aircraft operations.

Until recently, all aircraft, regardless of country of registration operating under IFR in Australian airspace, would have been required to have ADS-B Out effective February 2, 2017.  Now that’s changed slightly.  

Here’s how the release of CASA 113/16 and CASA 114/16 impacts you:

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