18 Feb 2017

Preparation vs. Reaction: Making Better Business Decisions Today

It’s a fact: Weather impacts every sector of every industry around the globe. Storms interrupt shipping, repairs, connections, staffing, productivity … the list goes on. The real question, though, is how to take take the power back from Mother Nature: How can you use weather technology to prepare for inclement weather events before they happen rather than react to them after the damage has been done?

From retail to aviation, insurance to agriculture, energy to government, The Weather Company, an IBM business, offers solutions that use predictive analytics and world’s most accurate forecasts to help you prepare for any weather event so that you can make better business decisions today instead of reacting to situations tomorrow.

Using our best-in-class weather technology, we can advance the state of analytics within your organization so you can have more confidence in your ability to make the best business decisions with the information available to you. The following sections show examples of how you can make weather work for you.

Revitalizing Retail Performance

The retail industry combines shipping, stocking, and staffing into an intricate puzzle that anticipates the seasonal variability of consumer often-fickle wants and needs. Our retail weather solutions can help you make better decisions at key decision points to avoid operational inefficiencies that result in a poor allocations of capital and to optimize your business processes to improve your agility, engagement, and competitive advantage.

Advancing Aviation

In an industry fraught with so many potential dangers, it’s critical that your flight crews are working off the best, most recent, and most accurate information possible. The Weather Company offers many weather technology solutions that can advance the predictive capabilities of airlines, flights, and crew operations:

  • WSI PilotBrief is a proven platform that delivers real-time visualization of superior and actionable global weather data to reduce operational costs and safety risk. Pilotbrief offers seamless enterprise integration, enables common situational awareness, and delivers a paperless Digital Flight Release solution for end-to-end operations.
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