18 Feb 2017

Dublin Airport self-bag drop from Rockwell Collins reduces passenger check-in time by 60 percent

New systems have dramatic impact on airport and airline operations

When Frances O’Brien left Ryanair to join daa, the company that oversees Dublin Airport, she recognised that the airport faced a few challenges. O’Brien, VP PMO at daa, knew that dramatic passenger growth was resulting in longer check-in queues for airlines. She also recognised that introducing self-service kiosks and bag drops at the airport would make an enormous difference. So, in conjunction with Rockwell Collins, that’s exactly what the airport did.

Dublin Airport had already successfully implemented Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE™ common-use passenger processing system in 2015. “We worked with Rockwell Collins to implement systems that enable our airlines to share workstations, helping us make the best use of our current resources,” said O’Brien. “As we embarked on this new initiative, our existing relationship plus Rockwell Collins’ extensive industry expertise made them the right partner for us.”

A rapid implementation with no disruption to operations
For the initial implementation, the airport worked primarily with its two biggest carriers, Ryanair and Aer Lingus, with Flybe and CityJet also participating.

The project was planned to run in two phases. The first phase, involving 19 units, ran from December 2015 through March 2016 and was designed to prove that self-service bag drop would deliver sufficient benefits to proceed to a larger scale deployment. The second phase, which increased the number of units to 64, took place over five working days at the end of May 2016. “From our perspective, once we engaged Rockwell Collins to deliver the platform, it was a painless process,” said O’Brien. “There were absolutely no disruptions to our – or our customers’ – operations. The level of service from Rockwell Collins in the deployment of these kiosks was exceptional.”

Terminal 1, home to Ryanair, now has 20 self-service bag drop units. These units use a one-step approach, allowing passengers who have checked in online to take their bags directly to a bag drop unit where they can print and tag their luggage. The bag is then dispatched straight into the baggage system.

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