IFE & Cabin Management
  • Moving-map System
  • Interactive 3D Map
  • Audio Entertainment
  • Video Entertainment
  • Live TV
  • In-flight Movies
  • Video Captioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet browsing
  • In-flight Games
  • Satellite Telephone
  • Passenger Chat
  • Merchandise & Shopping
  • Passenger F&B Management
  • F&B Billing
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Islamic prayers & directions to Mecca
  • Cabin Log
  • Galley Design
  • Galley Load Plan
  • In-flight Announcement Management
  • Cabin Lights Management
  • Passenger Service Issues
  • Passenger Incident/Accident Reporting
  • Crew communication
  • Passenger Seat Configuration
  • Passenger Upgrade Management
  • IFE Performance Monitoring
  • IFE Performance Monitoring
  • IFE Fault Reporting
Delivery Options
  • Mobile/Android/Installed
  • Mobile/iOS/Installed
  • Installed Mac
  • Installed Windows
  • Web (Cloud) Based
  • Hosted On Premises
Target Market
  • Ground Handling
  • Airport/Aerodromes
  • MRO/Part-145
  • Manufcturers/OEMs
  • Engine MRO
  • Component/Shop MRO
  • CAM/Part-M Organization
  • Airline

Avio IP Suit

AvioIP is a cabin software license solution developed by Satcom1 and installed on VVIP Aircraft since 2005 on a router hardware platfor...More

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One single box for a multitude of "à la carte" functionalities. Offer more entertainment to your customer while maximizing onboard reve...More

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MAG IFE and CMS proprietary system can be tailored to any Customer requirement. Full in-house design of software, system architecture,...More

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Gogo®2 Ku

The best-performing IFC solution available, Gogo® 2Ku delivers a premium passenger experience while enabling operational applications....More

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Gogo® Ku

With an industry-unique antenna system, Gogo® Ku delivers high‑bandwidth connectivity to aircraft....More

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Gogo Biz® 4G
Gogo Biz®
UCS 5000

UCS 5000 is business aviation’s first and only smart cabin system. More than a router, and well beyond an IFE service, UCS is a singula...More

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