Reservation & PSS
  • Fare grouping into families
  • Public, private and negotiated fares
  • ATPCO and SITA fares
  • Air Passenger Duty tax
  • Segmentation
  • Fares and passenger types
  • Tax refund processing
  • Automated refund (cat.33)
  • Automated reprice (cat.31)
  • Historic data backup
  • 3rd party data correction
  • Test pricing and scripting
  • ATPCO and SITA automated rules distribution
  • International and domestic pricing
  • IATA automated baggage rules
  • Fare sheet distribution
  • Detailed analysis application
  • Business data integration
  • Fare distribution
  • Pricing simulation
  • Market analysis
  • Fare and rules management
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Fare performance
Delivery Options
  • Mobile/Android/Installed
  • Mobile/iOS/Installed
  • Installed Mac
  • Installed Windows
  • Web (Cloud) Based
  • Hosted On Premises
Target Market
  • Ground Handling
  • Airport/Aerodromes
  • MRO/Part-145
  • Manufcturers/OEMs
  • Engine MRO
  • Component/Shop MRO
  • CAM/Part-M Organization
  • Airline


An excellent, innovative, user friendly online reservation system that will help you manage your inventory and increase your sales....More

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World's PSS answer for small and medium-sized airlines, especially start-ups and special interests airlines,...More

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Deploy dynamic content modules powered by FareNet™’s proprietary technology to drive customer engagement....More

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Altéa Suite

The Amadeus Altéa Suite is a complete Passenger Service System that offers full reservation, inventory and departure control capabiliti...More

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