15 Feb 2017

Sabre brings real-time flight schedules to travel agents

The travel technology company is integrating FlightGlobal’s live data feeds from more than 900 airlines into its global distribution system (GDS) and travel booking platforms. This means that more than 425,000 travel agents worldwide now have access to real-time flight schedules and instant changes.

This will also benefit airlines, which will be able to ensure their inventory is accurately displayed and allowing them to better manage seat availability for each flight.

“As the first to integrate FlightGlobal’s data with a core travel agency reservation system in the industry, Sabre provides the highest level of schedule reliability to our global agency network for virtually every passenger flight around the world,” said Wade Jones, interim president & senior vice president of strategy for the Sabre Travel Network. “Travellers and agents will breathe easier knowing they have the most accurate information at their fingertips.”

Travel agents will have access to the FlightGlobal schedule updates via the Sabre Red agency platform.

Source : © MMXVI Travel Daily Media.

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