04 Feb 2017

British Airways and Vayant Partner to Deliver Advanced Shopping, Pricing and Interlining Capabilities to Travellers

British Airways has adopted Vayant’s OneSearch air shopping and pricing as part of the airline’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) programme, which will enable British Airways to better provide customers, agents and technology providers with new and existing content via its NDC connection.

Eric Dumas, CEO of Vayant: “We are delighted to partner with British Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines and the most innovative in the digital distribution landscape.”

Jerry Foran, Head of Product Delivery said: “Our deal with Vayant is the next step in our NDC programme. They will enable us to supply our travel partners with accurate and relevant offers for their customers.”

Vayant shopping and pricing solutions are used today by various airlines and agencies on a worldwide basis and enable them to be able to operate their Sales Offer creation quickly and effectively.

Source : Vayant Travel Technologies, Inc.

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