04 Feb 2017

Gogo Partners with Rockwell Collins to Boost Interaction with Passenger Maps

Gogo has partnered with Rockwell Collins to bring a greater flight experience to those passengers who fly using Gogo’s business aviation services.  Rockwell Collins’ Airshow Moving Map creates a greater level of engagement with high-definition, interactive maps, letting business aviation passengers follow their flights in real time and explore the virtual globe all while in flight.

While commercial aviation travelers still have access to excellent off-the-shelf apps like Flightrader24, business aviation travelers will have additional features with Airshow.

The Rockwell Collins’ Airshow Mobile solution contains a menu of updated features that feed curious minds while patiently waiting to reach their destination. It supports a wide range of viewing options, including Autoplay, Flight Preview, Total Route and Mid Flight. Using Landsat satellite imaging technology, individuals are presented an impressive 3D view of the plane and the surrounding location (no more guessing what parts of the world you’re flying over).

And by using the Heads-up Display (HUD) option and information from the Command Center (a multi-panel dashboard that offers real-time flight data, such as altitude, speed and outdoor air temperature), passengers are treated to an engaging perspective of commercial piloting, through unique POVs. In the Airshow app, the Earth can be made to actually look round, compared to a flat, pixelated version most people are used to seeing.

“Airshow continues to spread its wings across the aviation industry as the No. 1-used moving map application, and since making it a mobile application that personalizes the passenger experience, its popularity is exponentially increasing,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins.

Availability and Benefits

Gogo will offer Airshow Mobile to selected aircraft in the second quarter of 2017 (optimized for both Android and iOS handheld devices). To start using the platform, users must download the app on their mobile phone. Business travelers will benefit from the Rockwell Collins app.  In addition to receiving access to never-before-seen mapping features, the app could help reassure first-time flyers, reduce anxiety for uncomfortable passengers and boost transparency between aviation service companies and its customers.

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Source : Gogo LLC.

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