04 Feb 2017

Extend Reporting Possibilities with Search Functions

The information stored in your schema can tell many different stories about day-to-day occurrences at your facility.  For example, you retrieve a set of lot numbers with accompanying attributes such as status, condition and quantity, and you have a potential view of parts-on-hand.  Add received date and expiration to the same data set, and you now have insight to the remaining shelf life of those lots.

At Continuum, when we’re wrapping up a new feature, we deliberate about whether to add or update associated reports.  We know that some combinations are endless, and we couldn’t possibly deliver them all.  That’s where some of CORRIDOR’s search windows extend reporting functionality and give you many more reporting options.

The next time you’re performing a search, check whether there’s a menu bar at the top of the window. If it’s there, you’ll be able to:

  • Print the search results (This includes the ability to select up to 12 columns to include.)
  • Save current search criteria
  • Load a previously saved set of criteria


To access this feature:

  1. Open a search window (e.g., Inventory or Work Order).
  2. Enter the desired criteria and click “Scan”.
  3. From the menu bar, choose Search > Print.  (The column selection window opens.)Print Search Results
  4. Select the columns to include in the report (up to 12), and click “Print”.Select Print Columns
  5. When prompted, choose the output method (e.g., print, email, PDF, preview, etc.).

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Source : CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software

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