21 Jan 2017

Rockwell Collins sees growth, future opportunity with airports in Egypt

You’ve just landed after a tiring thirteen-hour flight. You’re at an unfamiliar airport surrounded by new scenery and facing a language barrier, all while attempting to navigate the terminal and make a connecting flight bound for your final destination.

Scrambling to find your next flight’s status and the assigned gate, you realize digital signage is missing and passenger kiosks are nowhere to be found. The helpful voice announcements you’ve come to expect in airport terminals are nonexistent.

This is not an uncommon experience at airports around the world. Luckily, technology from Rockwell Collins is making the airport experience more connected by delivering solutions that provide a wealth of data to keep passengers aware of delays, cancellations, gate locations, baggage information and more.

At Cairo International Airport — the busiest Egyptian airport and the second busiest airport in all of Africa, with more than 14 million annual passengers — travelers are enjoying this technology daily. Multiple Rockwell Collins systems work to enable tight network integration, updated passenger information, data storage, airport scheduling and security. These systems include Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AirDB™, AirPlan™, InfoHub, AirVue™, vMUSE™ and SelfServ™ check-in systems, as well as baggage reconciliation systems, information kiosks, artificial voice announcement systems and more.

History in the region

Several key wins in Egypt helped to expand Rockwell Collins’ footprint in Egypt and internationally.

Those efforts began with a new Terminal 3 contract at Cairo’s airport in 2006. Since then, Rockwell Collins’ business in Egypt has expanded beyond the terminals at Cairo’s airport to include eleven more airports in Egypt. As in Cairo, the technology is powering the entire airport experience, from highly-visible passenger interactions to back-end technology behind the scenes.

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