21 Jan 2017

UIA chooses OpenAirlines Software to Save Fuel

OpenAirlines has been selected by Ukraine International Airlines to provide its Fuel Efficiency Software to reduce fuel costs and C02 emissions of their fleet.

Through this new agreement, OpenAirlines will deploy SkyBreathe®, a complete fuel management software which will analyze daily the flight data of 39+ aircraft operated by the airline (from black boxes, weather data, traffic data…). It detects maneuvers or best practices that could be implemented to improve their fuel efficiency. Through an intuitive and customizable dashboard, the fuel management team will benefit from an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of fuel usage through all phases of flight.

SkyBreathe® is the only solution in the market that compute fuel saving benefits taking into account the actual flight conditions (including weather, traffic, etc.) and helps the airlines achieve greater savings for each and every flight. Furthermore, as fuel savings initiatives can only be successful if the communication with all the stakeholders is based on accurate data, pilots individual analyses are made available at fingertips via MyFuelCoach, an application designed for iPhone and iPad.

UIA already took a number of initiatives when it comes to fuel efficiency. After having successfully achieved the 2016 fleet renewal and expansion program, UIA moves beyond by implementing this comprehensive solution, expecting to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 5%. Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines’ CEO, said: „We are pleased to support UIA in their expansion and to further reduce their fuel consumption. SkyBreathe® will help UIA make informed decisions quickly and to adjust their operations in ways that will accelerate fuel efficiency right from the start. Entry into service is scheduled on 15th of December.

SkyBreathe® is currently assisting 22 airlines across the world with any fleet type, to greatly enhance existing fuel-saving initiatives and helps airlines save millions of dollars and thousands of tons of CO2 every year.

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