21 Jan 2017

New MEDA Add-on available in IQSMS

Based on the insight that errors are a result from a series of contributing factors, the MEDA analysis has become standard to identify technical and human factor related errors during the performance of maintenance.

Tied in with the Quality Module, the MEDA Add-on enables an effective maintenance error investigation for all maintenance organizations and clients who perform their maintenance internally.

Data regarding detected errors, that has been entered in the IQSMS Reporting Tool is automatically transferred to the MEDA analysis tool, thus facilitating a prompt investigation of the concerning event. The Add-on provides a selection of predefined contributing factors complying to the MEDA concept and further offers the possibility to add a summary of the event in form of a free text. Additionally, the MEDA tool offers an integrated recommendation feature enabling the automatic creation of improvement and prevention suggestions.

Since the MEDA tool is directly linked with the Risk Management Module, entered recommendations are again automatically transferred and further processed in the Management of Change Tool.

In this respect, the implementation of the IQSMS MEDA Add-on enables improved maintenance procedures and structured work flows, guarantees the compliance of due dates and supports the development of corrective actions to prevent errors, which present hazards to safety.

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