21 Jan 2017

Hitting the books with IQSMS

ASQS is delighted to announce that Avion Training BV has signed for IQSMS, not only being the first Dutch flight school client but also the first Dutch customer.

The international flight school Avion Training BV, is a subsidiary of the Avion Group (former Dutch International Aviation Group) with its headquarters at Maastricht’s Aachen Airport (NL) and a branch office in Istanbul, Turkey.


The international flight school stands out due to its extraordinary training concept consisting of a combination of innovative training methods and comprehensive, modular training solutions for students, pilots and airlines. Avion Training BV furthermore provides education and training ranging from beginner courses to airline examiner and MPL programs offering customized courseware and the latest innovative online learning tools, which meet the high standards required to optimally prepare a pilot to the customs and best practices of an airline.

Since the implementation of a Safety Management System is mandatory also to ATOs, ASQS is happy to be able to support Avion Training BV in its future Safety Management. The implementation of our standard setup (Quality-, Risk Management and Reporting Module) improves the daily working processes by facilitating both, the internal communication within the flight school itself as well as the communication with authorities and auditors. The IQSMS Reporting Module does not only contribute to a positive reporting culture but also equips students with the valuable safety related mindset and reporting skills. In addition, the IQSMS Quality Module offers a constantly up-to-date regulations database and continuously keeps track of eventual amendments, to always guarantee full compliance with the relevant legal requirements.

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