21 Jan 2017

Self bag drop service at ICT airport

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the first foreign airline to introduce the Self Bag Drop service at Incheon international airport as of 17th January 2017. This 'Self Bag Drop' is an 'automatic baggage consignment service' that allows passengers to directly consign their baggage without hassle. Along with self check-in and web check-in, Self Bag Drop service allows easier and more convenient baggage consignment.

How to use Self Bag Drop


How to use Self Bag Drop
All customers holding boarding pass and who self-checked via Web/Mobile/Kiosk can use Self Bag Drop service located in F counter at the Incheon international airport.
  • Applicable to KLM operating flight(KL856 | Departure at 00:55AM) only
  • Available hour: 20:30pm - 1 hour before departure


  • Additional check-in baggage not applicable
  • Not eligible passengers: Accompanying an infant, Unaccompanied minor(under 14yrs), Passenger with particular needs of the service
  • You may only consign your own baggage.
  • Please check customs declarable items before bag drop.
  • Lay down the baggage one by one.
  • Use the TUB for bags with long straps and light baggage.
  • Check to ensure that the baggage does not contain any prohibited items such as explosives or lighters.
  • Self bag drop is only available for baggage with a length of 90cm or under.
  • Please wait 5 minutes in the area once you have consigned your baggage.
  • Use the manned counters for consignment of animals and plants.

Self Bag Drop Counter Location

Self Bag Drop Counter is located at F counter on the 3rd floor, Departure level at the Incheon international airport.

Source : KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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