21 Jan 2017

Global Eagle Named Fastest-Growing Global Teleport Operator in 2016 Rankings

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. was named the fastest-growing global satellite teleport operator by revenue in the 2016 rankings published by the World Teleport Association.

WTA ranked GEE first in its annual “Fast Twenty” listing, based on year-on-year growth during the last complete fiscal year. The association also ranked GEE number one in its “Independent Top Twenty” and sixth in its “Global Top Twenty.” The GEE revenue figures for the WTA rankings included Emerging Markets Communications, which GEE acquired in July 2016. EMC was also ranked first in the “Fast Twenty” listing for the previous year.

The WTA published its annual lists of the Top Teleport Operators of 2016 on Jan. 6. The annual rankings of companies by revenue and revenue growth are compiled by surveying teleport operators around the world, as well as referencing the published results of publicly held companies.

“The WTA rankings cap off a memorable and productive year for GEE in the fast-growing, global market for mobile satellite communications,” said Dave Davis, chief executive officer of GEE. “It underscores the collective abilities of our best-in-class engineering team, network infrastructure, patented technologies, differentiating products, worldwide technical support and seamless connectivity solutions that cover the globe.”

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Source : Yahoo! Finance

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