08 Jan 2017

Mobile Apps: Creating Unrivaled Airline Customer Experiences


“Do you have an app?”

Chances are, if you’re a business owner (or even working in business), you’ve heard this question in the last year. Apps are the cornerstone of the mobile experience.

Companies across all industries have created their own apps to offer their services in faster, more convenient ways. In short, they want to create a better customerexperience. Airlines also leverage apps to connect with their customers. However, they can do more than just provide flight information through their apps. They can completely customize and redefine the customer experience.  

Today we’re going to examine the ways airlines can create unrivaled customer experiences with their apps.

Beyond Booking: What Can Your Mobile App Really Do for Your Customers?

The best way to think about your airline’s app is to think about the entire customer experience.

After booking, customers are invested in online check-in, seating, and potential upgrades or ancillaries. Some might be in loyalty programs. Others might just like shopping around for flights without booking. To create the ideal airline app, you have to include all of the above. Customers should not have to leave your app to find the information or services they are looking for.

There are some great examples of airline apps going above and beyond the norm for customer experience. Delta’s app allows users to take a photo of their parking spot (along with other loyalty program perks). United’s app allows users to view standby and upgrade lists, and even stream in-flight entertainment on Wi-Fi-equipped planes. Flying is much more involved than just having your ticket ready for boarding, so why should an airline’s app be any different?

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