08 Jan 2017

How Nile Air increased online sales with an innovative remarketing campaign

Nile AirNile Air aspires to be Egypt’s first choice in air travel. Our CEO wrote about this vision in a blog post earlier this year, elaborating on why we chose to expand our IT contract with Amadeus. A key part of this vision, which we are working with Amadeus and SaleCycle to fulfil, is to greatly develop and expand Nile Air’s online channel.

We’re a relatively young airline, having just launched our website around two years ago. However, what we lack in age, we make up for in ambition. We believe the online channel is a key pillar to success in the competitive Middle Eastern airline industry. To excel in this channel, we are working tirelessly to push customers to by investing in metasearch engine traffic acquisition and increasing our network through interline agreements.

Another integral component was overcoming the huge challenge of booking abandonment. According to SaleCycle, 80% of site visitors abandon their bookings. All of the big online e-retailers, like Amazon and Google, are advanced in their remarketing tactics, so we decided to adopt their approaches. This inspired us to pursue an integrated on-site and email remarketing program in partnership with SaleCycle.

By adding a sense of urgency through intelligent messages displayed at the point of abandonment as well as including a fully personalised cart abandonment email, so customers could pick up right where they left off, we were able to increase our online sales by more than 15%. The whole process of setting up and running the campaign was straightforward and made possible by the close collaboration between Amadeus and SaleCycle.

And this is just the beginning. We have bold plans to further drive our revenue up through mobile remarketing through the Amadeus Mobile solution including mobile manage my trip, improved cross selling, and better upselling, whilst offering an improved traveler experience with online check in. We’re also hoping to expand our fleet and to continue to build upon the success we’ve seen so far. Working with industry partners like Amadeus and SaleCycle will make this possible as we offer our guests a great journey with the best of Egyptian hospitality.

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Source : Amadeus IT Group

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