17 Sep 2017

Amadeus technology makes a wide range of Eurowings’ fares and ancillaries available to travel agents for the first time

Today, Eurowings and Amadeus announce that the airline will add light ticketing, an XML connectivity, to its capabilities in the Amadeus system. This means that for the first time travel agents using Amadeus can now book all published Eurowings fares for their customers, from the most affordable Basic Fare, through to the premium BEST fare, and long haul routes, while also adding seats, bags and other ancillaries to the booking.  
Travel agents will also be able to change bookings and add ancillaries to existing bookings through the Amadeus system, saving time for the agent.

Amadeus is the only distribution platform to offer this wide range of Eurowings content to its travel agency users. In addition, Eurowings flights are now available alongside Germanwings. Germanwings became a light ticketing carrier in 2014, meaning that bookings on both airlines can be combined.

In today’s competitive airline marketplace, low cost (LCCs) and hybrid carriers need to expand their customer base and improve ancillary sales. By working with travel agents, LCCs and hybrid carriers are achieving these results: ancillary sales have reached up to 80% attachment rates for carriers using Amadeus' light ticketing technology.

This shift in strategy is also a benefit for travel agents, who are increasingly seeking out more affordable flights and personalised fares for their customers, in order to secure travellers' trust and continued loyalty.

With Amadeus’ XML light ticketing technology, Eurowings’ fares are easy to compare with other carriers, and easier to book. Agents can also respond to traveller demands efficiently because Amadeus offers full mid- and back-office integration for all light ticketing carriers, so flight tracking and changes can be done quickly.

Oliver Schmitt, Vice President Sales, Distribution and Digitalisation at Eurowings explains: “What sets Eurowings apart as a low-cost airline is the variety of flights and ancillaries we provide to travellers across all channels. Ensuring travel agents can share our unique offer with their customers and book the widest range of our fares is a priority for us as we work to reach a broad base of travellers.”

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