17 Sep 2017

Hahn Air opens second Ticket Office in Libya

To meet the demand for Hahn Air’s ticketing services in Libya, Hahn Air decided to open an additional Ticket Office in Benghazi. As the second ticketing partner in the country, All in Travels now offers Gambian agencies access to over 300 air, rail and shuttle partners available on the HR-169 document as well as other support and information about Hahn Air’s services.

All HR-169 tickets issued by All in Travels and Hahn Air’s other Ticket Offices automatically include Hahn Air’s benefits, such as the free insolvency insurance Securtix®, round-the-clock support via its global Service Desk and a 14-day refund guarantee. All in Travels can be contacted at . Agents can also call +218 92 4129916

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Source : Hahn Air Lines GmbH

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