17 Aug 2017

Lido/FMS Training, Zurich

More than 200 airlines worldwide rely on our certified Lido/FMS aeronautical data – tailored to their aircraft type, hardware and route network. Our Lido/FMS database is delivered in accordance with ARINC 424 specifications – the industry standard for aeronautical navigational data. The ARINC 424 training is offered to Lido/FMS and ARINC 424 customers. The training gives participants an insight into data flow and data coding practices, as well as data processing issues, which is very useful for airline staff, such as those working in maintenance, as dispatchers and in operations, who handle various FMS database topics from setup and content to crew reports and data loading.

The training, led by Martin Zillig and Christian Grütter, taught participants all about the ARINC 424 industry standard, technical file layout and structure, Path Terminator concept, Route Type Concept, Business Rules, and finally, completed Coding Exercises for SID, STAR and Approach. Overall, the training was a huge success – but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what two of our participants had to say:

Jay Bayliss from Virgin Atlantic Airway commented: “The ARINC 424 training provided by Lufthansa Systems was superb. It has taught me the basics of 424 coding, along with their own practices, giving me the knowledge I need to better assist me with navigation data management in my own airline.”

Souad Elhaimer from Gulf Air mentioned: „The training was very helpful in getting a good picture of how the navigation database is being built and how it works. I am now in a much better position to compare the charts and the navigation data in my daily job.”

Source : Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG

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