06 Aug 2017

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 InteliSys Aviation Systems is pleased to announce that SkyTrans has gone live with their amelia airline solutions.

SkyTrans switched airline solution providers earlier this year, selecting InteliSys Aviation Systems for their evolving airline software needs.

SkyTrans is utilizing both ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO, the robust airline reservation and cargo management systems by InteliSys Aviation Systems. The Australian airline has already made use of many aspects of the amelia systems including reservations, departure control, yield management, freight handling capabilities and many more!

SkyTrans CEO, Mike Thinee explains their airline's decision to partner with InteliSys and how the amelia systems have aided in their airlines recent success.

"Skytrans has recently moved to the ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO platforms. As our business continues to grow, we needed a reservations booking platform that could grow with us. We needed a system that would provide a level of sophistication for our yield management, departure control and freight handling capabilities than our existing provider could not match. InteliSys was the best choice."

Mike Thinee goes on to say, "Change management in any business is hard, especially when transferring such a 'business-critical' system as a reservations system for an airline. So while there were the inevitable bumps during the transition, there have been no issues that caused any significant flight disruptions.

The follow up support after the "Go-Live" has also been very good with an additional on-site visit being made available when requested. We look forward to a long and strong business relationship with InteliSys going forward."

The team at InteliSys Aviation Systems is very happy to be working with SkyTrans and looks forward to building a long lasting partnership with the airline while helping them continue to grow and meet their business objectives.

Craig Morrissey, Director of Sales at InteliSys Aviation System expresses this sentiment.

"Skytrans have been great to work with following up to the go-live. They have a great team and so it is not a surprise to see them continue to expand and grow. Skytrans was a very good fit for our amelia products and we are looking for a long, successful relationship."

Source : SBWire, a service of ReleaseWire LLC

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