09 Jul 2017

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I’m sure there’s plenty of dispatchers and flight crews out there who can remember the days when crew briefings had so much paper in them, they were known as 50lb bricks.

Good for building arm muscles, not great for the eyes!

The need for the very latest, most accurate information was a constant challenge and back in the day, we couldn’t just hop online and draw down what we needed.

Take meteorological updates for example, we literally had to take weather feeds via fax, cut out the relevant aspects and scan them in as part of the early versions of our dispatch notes and flight briefings.


Although extreme, this wasn’t that long ago and there are still a lot of airlines and operators out there relying on manual information gathering.

Not a great use of anyone’s time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Technology is playing a huge part in improving dispatch and briefing processes and skybook, our most complete flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging system to date, is at the forefront of this change.

Personalisation and flexibility are key to skybook’s success as we work very closely with our clients from the outset to:

Configure – every aspect of skybook can be configured to meet the operational needs of clients. Operator requirements are discussed in depth from the outset.
Integrate – skybook integrates with other systems, importing flight planning, crew rostering, flight scheduling information and much more. This is then displayed in one portal, saving time by removing the need to keep going in and out of multiple systems.
Automate and Aggregate – skybook aggregates data from the most accurate and trusted sources including UK Met Office, NOAA, SADIS, EUROCRONTROL and Jeppesen. Taking away the need for manual data gathering, saving time, improving accuracy and efficiency.
Filter – Our advanced filtering options make skybook unique. Ensuring aircrews get the information that matters the most by creating narrow route briefings. More specific, more concise, less repetition but every bit as detailed on a sector by sector basis.

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Source : Bytron | Keyzo IT Solutions Ltd

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