09 Jul 2017

Blue Sky Network and Digital AirWare Announce Data Sharing Agreement

Blue Sky Network, an industry leading San Diego-based global provider of Iridium-based satellite tracking and fleet management solutions, announced today it has signed a strategic data exchange agreement with Digital AirWare a Charlotte, North Carolina-based provider of top-tier automated maintenance and tangible asset tracking services.

The landmark data integration partnership allows seamless exchange of flight tracking data from Blue Sky Network, including flight start and stop times, take off, landing, speeding patterns and exceedances to Digital AirWare users as well as embracing Blue Sky Network’s advanced satellite communications solutions to enable real-time cockpit data and voice connectivity.

“Over the years, we’ve been providing excellent service to our clients through our highly customizable, dedicated software as a service platform,” said Joaquin Demoreta, CEO and Founder of Digital AirWare. “Now, with Blue Sky Network as a strategic data communication partner, our clients who utilize Digital AirWare’s maintenance tracking, scheduling, and safety management tools will have access to a whole new level of automation.”

The data sharing service costs nothing extra for customers who engage with both platforms. Additionally, Blue Sky Network and Digital AirWare offer trial product demos through September 2017 to help demonstrate the tremendous value of this product integration to current and potential fleet operator clients.

“Our ultimate goal is to increase the safety and operational efficiency for our clients in a cost effective way,” said Kambiz Aghili, CEO of Blue Sky Network. “This new liaison with digital AirWare is an important step in realizing our broader vision of offering automated and actionable data insights by creating an uninterrupted real-time channel between the cockpit and fleet operations in support and maintenance of the fleet. This raises the safety of pilots and fleets while empowering operation managers with efficiencies and cost savings never experienced in the industry.”

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