24 Jun 2017

Avinet Launches Air Maestro Flight & Duty App

Avinet is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated Air Maestro Flight and Duty app that aims to revolutionise the entry of flight record data.

How does it work?

The Flight and Duty app allows users to enter their critical flight and duty information, regardless of their location or internet connectivity, making it the perfect companion in the cockpit.

Unlike many other flight and duty data capturing apps on the market that only have a fixed set of fields, the Air Maestro Flight and Duty app allows operators to customise and replicate their existing Flight Records and Technical Logs and later report on this data through a Reporting module. This provides operators with the flexibility to capture additional information that may be specific to their operation.

Assisting the remote operator

Initial development of the app came from a need in the market for an app that would allow pilots and crew to enter their flight and duty data in remote areas with no or very little internet connectivity.

The app’s offline capabilities make it possible for pilots and crew who operate in these areas to complete their data on the app and submit the information to their company’s Air Maestro site when internet connectivity is regained.

Operators can capture all types of data within their flight records offline. It overcomes the burden of carrying around physical copies of flight/technical logs and removes the associated potential data entry errors caused by manual entry.

The most valuable feature of the app is the versatility offered by allowing operators to customise the Air Maestro system to meet their operational requirements.

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