24 Jun 2017

SITA showcases Leo - the innovative baggage robot - in Mexico City

Hosting an Innovation forum today at Mexico City Airport, global air transport IT provider SITA , showcased Leo, the innovative baggage robot, to senior air transport industry executives who discussed how innovative technology will advance the nation’s air transport industry.

With the development of its new international airport, Mexico City is an ideal stop on SITA’s world tour introducing the next generation of baggage handling technology. Leo, a fully autonomous and self-propelling robot that looks after passengers’ baggage, is an example of how robotics could be used by airlines and airports around the world to improve baggage handling.

This robot meets passengers as they arrive at the airport, checks them in, prints bag tags and takes their bags away for processing. It has an obstacle avoidance technology so it can move around a busy airport without bumping into people or things. It is the first step to automating the baggage process from the moment passengers drop their bags to when they collect them at their destination.

Speaking at today’s forum, Alex Covarrubias, Vice President of the Airport Business for Latin America, SITA, said: “Innovation is a top priority for SITA’s customers here in Mexico, and together we are exploring the technologies that can improve and facilitate the passenger experience. Leo the baggage robot is just one example. Robotics and automation, along with biometric identification and artificial intelligence, are changing the way airports will be designed in the future, making travel easier every step of the way and improving the passenger experience.”

SITA is the leading provider of IT and communications to the world’s airlines and airports. Almost every passenger journey relies on SITA technology. SITA Lab, it’s strategic research team, is at the forefront of travel technology innovation.

For more than 60 years, across Latin America, SITA has provided technology that supports airport and airline operations to meet passengers’ needs. SITA continues to innovate with its airline and airport customers to transform air travel through technology, making air travel easy every step of the way. In Mexico, nine of the country’s leading airlines and operators at more than 40 of its major airports use SITA technology to drive Mexico’s growing air transport industry.

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