11 Jun 2017

ALTA welcomes Airline IT Solutions Provider Hitit CS to association’s growing affiliate membership

ALTA (the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association) today welcomed airline IT solutions provider Hitit CS to the association’s affiliate membership. ALTA’s affiliate members are airline-related organizations that work collaboratively with the association on aviation industry initiatives throughout the Latin America and Caribbean region.

“We are pleased to welcome Hitit CS to ALTA’s growing affiliate membership,” said ALTA Executive Director Eduardo Iglesias.

“Airline IT solutions are integral to our member airlines’ priorities as we continue to focus on enhancing our customer experience through technology. We look forward to Hitit’ssuccess in our region while joining ALTA’s collaborative industry efforts to continue advancing social and economic development throughout the Latin America and Caribbean region.”

“As a new affiliate member of the ALTA family, we are delighted to be in this platform,” said Hitit CS Chief Executive Officer Nur Gokman. “As one of the world’s leading airline and travel IT solutions providers, Hitit is the trusted partner for 20 airlines across

Europe, Africa and Asia. We entered the region in 2011 and are now very excited to enhance our business opportunities in the Latin America and Caribbean region through the ALTA community.”

Source : Hitit Computer Services

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