09 Jun 2017

The digital experience: Giving airline customers a truly digital experience

Not so long ago, the airline industry was focused primarily on ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies to effectively compete and ultimately stay in business. Without a doubt, those areas are still important, even necessary, but the rather recent emergence of the customer experience as a key brand differentiator is reshaping the development of airline strategies and attitudes toward their passengers.

Much of this shift can be attributed to the realization by the industry that the volumes of passenger data generated by robust technology can be collected and interpreted, given the right tools, to provide valuable insights into customer behavior and experiences. In turn, this information can be utilized by airlines with customer-centricity solutions, such as the SabreSonic Customer-Centric Retailing Platform, to develop personalized product/service offerings to address customers’ unique needs and desires and enhance their experience at every touchpoint of their journey, while taking into account operational factors.

Valuable resources are wasted, then, if the technology employed to deliver these offers to customers through various direct and indirect channels is outdated, inefficient and inconsistent. Therefore, some of the most important retailing decisions an airline can make center around offer execution, the optimal presentation of an offer to the customer.

Soaring mobile statistics

For many industries and individuals alike, mobile has become the preferred platform for conducting business. Today’s marketplace moves rapidly, making the on-the-go capability of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, particularly appealing. The International Data Corporation estimates that by the end of this year, 3.2 billion people — 44 percent of the world’s population — will have access to the internet, and 2 billion will be using mobile devices to do so.

The majority of airline customers, in particular, are considered tech savvy. According to the 2015 SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey, 83 percent of passengers carry smartphones, while 15 percent travel with three mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop). For airlines, this provides a unique opportunity to incorporate passenger data with context-aware technology to enhance the end-to-end customer experience, beginning with shopping and ending with post-trip follow up.

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