09 Jun 2017

No more hassle paying for ancillary services at the airport

In today’s hyper-connected world, airports can take a toll on the traveller. Have you ever wondered why, after queuing to check a bag in, you have to walk to an airline ticket office to pay for excess luggage or a flight upgrade? This usual scenario is because shared check-in desks cannot accommodate the specific payment needs of multiple airlines and ground handlers. Faced with this situation, the traveller might think twice before bothering to pay for extra legroom at all.
Airport payments will soon become much smoother as Amadeus and Ingenico launch Amadeus Airport Pay, the first wireless payment solution in the industry which accepts EMV(1) chip card payments and can be used by multiple airlines and ground handlers and multiple banks.
With Amadeus Airport Pay airlines and ground handlers can now reach any passenger with an EMV chip card or an EMV-compliant mobile wallet in any airport worldwide, regardless of the check-in infrastructure; this means airlines worldwide can deploy quickly. As a result, airlines can convert more ancillary sales by offering travellers a fast and secure payment method that overcomes the inconveniences generally faced by travellers nowadays at airports. Because Amadeus Airport Pay is not bound to any physical infrastructure, airlines and ground handlers can take payments anywhere in the airport.
At the beginning of June, Lufthansa Group, as the launch partner, will start rolling out the solution at check-in desks and ticket offices in over 170 airports around the globe, improving the airport experience for travellers by providing seamless and secure payment options without disrupting their travel journey.
 “To bring secure and seamless payment options to our passengers to ease their individual and seamless travel experience is a core objective for the Lufthansa Group. Amadeus Airport Pay enables our travellers to choose customized ancillary services for their flight while checking in or at the gate – securely and with a variety of payment options, and without the need for detours”, said Kai Schilb, Head of Payment at Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines.
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