27 May 2017

Having difficulties with keeping procedures and manuals in compliance with the latest published regulation?

Since legal requirements are always subject to change, for many reasons it’s often both, difficult and time-consuming, to keep manuals and procedures compliant. To ensure that legal and regulatory obligations are met and maintained, it’s not only necessary to constantly keep track of any changes undertaken, but also to gain information about the precise date of entry into force of the amendments in question and the specific paragraphs that have been revised. Corresponding contents than have to be located and adapted in the appropriate manuals to ensure that procedures are always up-to-date.

With the next update of the Quality Management Module, an Amendment Tracking feature will enable customers to directly compare different versions of laws and regulations in IQSMS. The feature displays a clear structured overview of completely new as well as changed paragraphs and if available, also entirely expired legislative texts. Respective manuals are automatically listed in the Document Reference column, facilitating thereby the whole manual and procedure updating process. IQSMS additionally offers the possibility to print a customized compilation of the old legislative texts including the corresponding document reference as well as the amended versions, offering a clear overview of what has been changed.

Via our IQSMS Quality Module, ASQS provides customers already today the service of always being informed about any relevant legal and regulatory amendments. This service not only contains detailed information on which regulations have been changed, but also on the precise date of entry into force of the corresponding amendments.

ASQS’s service provide the following benefits:

  • Automatic information when laws and regulations change
  • Structured overview on one side
  • Automatic display of which internal procedures are affected
  • Direct display of the new legal text to easily update the relevant procedures
  • Significant reduction in time and effort in the manual process of updating manuals

Source : Aviation Safety & Quality Solutions | ASQS

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