27 May 2017

Pilot Gives Thumbs Up to Honeywell Weather App

A leading Czech business aviation operator ABS Jets is a huge fan of Honeywell’s Weather Information Service application, especially after the app helped an ABS Jets pilot avoid turbulence during a recent flight.

“On a recent flight from Prague to Rome, the Weather Information Service indicated moderate clear-air turbulence at our planned flight level,” said Stefan Kukura, chief pilot and director of Flight Operations for the company. “We decided to use a lower flight level instead and the flight was smooth. All flights flying above us reported moderate turbulence.”

ABS Jets was an early adopter of the breakthrough Weather Information Service app, which gives pilots access to real-time weather information – including turbulence forecasts – on their electronic flight bag tablet. ABS Jets pilots provided Honeywell engineers with voice-of-the-customer feedback while the app was being developed and updated, according to Don Moldenhauer, product manager/meteorologist.

“ABS Jets is a valued customer whose input has been very helpful as we make sure that the Weather Information Service meets pilots’ needs,” he said. “It was great to hear that the app helped them avoid turbulence that we understand affected many other flights in the area.”

Part of Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Efficiency portfolio of aviation services and applications, the Weather Information Service uses an easy-to-read map to provide flight crews with updated weather information in flight so they can avoid severe weather and improve safety and passenger comfort.

The app uses a reliable datalink connection to receive real-time and trend information from ground and satellite sources allowing the crew to see weather beyond onboard weather radar. The result is an intuitive view of current, historical and forecast weather along the aircraft’s route and other areas of interest.

Source : Honeywell International Inc

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