27 May 2017

Gogo Business Aviation Launches SCS Smart Cabin Systems

Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO), the leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation, today unveiled a new suite of smart cabin systems – SCS Elite and SCS Media – which are highly integrated cabin, inflight entertainment (IFE) and voice solutions that can be personalized to fit the specific needs of passengers on board a given flight.
SCS is a suite of smart cabin systems that let users integrate a personal mix of technologies to create a cabin experience that is unique and ideal for them – seamlessly and reliably. Whether that’s enabling moving maps so passengers can follow along with the flight, or premiering a single interface that passengers can use to engage with a fully connected cabin – users decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest. 
“Business travelers expect their aircraft cabin to feel like home and be a place where they can simply turn on their devices and do whatever they want from seeing a moving map, to watching a movie, browsing the web, checking the news or making a phone call,” said Sergio Aguirre, senior vice president and general manager of Gogo Business Aviation. “SCS can be installed on virtually any plane, big or small, flying anywhere around the globe, and we created it to be a simple, powerful way to integrate all the necessary technology onboard for an enjoyable passenger experience.”
SCS Elite will be offered by Embraer Executive Jets on production Lineage 1000E starting later this year.

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Source : Gogo Air LLC.

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