27 May 2017

4 Success Factors to Shift to Direct Distribution

Distributing through NDC and bypassing GDSs can be the next gold rush for airlines. It is tempting to believe the promise of controlling the offer is good enough to succeed in that challenge, but making money actually requires leading edge technology.

A Sales Offer Creation Platform that Manages Massive Volumes at Low Cost

Connect to a global metasearch or a large OTA and there you have it: bookings flow. But… Your systems are now being hit by millions of searches every day, and the invoice from your pricing system provider (most often your PSS) is skyrocketing with a red hot ‘excess transactions’ line.

The look-to-book generated by an OTA or a metasearch can easily reach 1000 searches for a single booking and exceeding 5000 is not exceptional. Do the math: spending the money saved from GDS booking fees to pay the PSS/pricing system provider is not a desirable outcome.

There is a solution to that. Since 2012 Vayant’s technology has allowed airlines to benefit from a cost model without look-to-book limits and helped them to generate profits by avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in PSS charges.

Convert Shoppers into Bookers with The Best Customer Experience

Tailoring your direct distribution offer you’ll create a special relationship with your customers. However you must also deliver an excellent experience: 2017’s shoppers do not wait anymore: 30% of shoppers drop their purchase if their search query is not answered within a couple of seconds. Can your pricing system deliver millions of transactions and still provide nearly instant response? For years Vayant’s platform has consistently been able to deliver such performance and we are improving it every year.

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Source : Vayant Travel Technologies, Inc.

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