27 May 2017

API-First: What It Means for Airlines and Why It Matters

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It’s typically used to expose a specialized function that can be consumed by other applications. Online stores, for example, use APIs to allow buyers to enter in their payment information.

To remain competitive, airlines and travel companies must come up with creative ways to foster developer ecosystems both inside and outside their organizations. There’s no better way to accomplish this today than with APIs.

Why Do APIs Matter?

APIs give developers and companies the flexibility needed to integrate their systems in a simplified, customized manner. Specifically, benefits of using APIs include:

  • Integrations with improved information delivery to create better customer experiences.

  • Easier development customization so companies can tailor the type of integration they want to have with the host company.

  • Automatic publishing of new data through integrated channels for real-time sharing and distribution.

  • Reliance on data transfers for workflow management. Once an integration is set up, there’s no need for human monitoring until there’s a need for changing/updating the API.

In short, APIs enable the level of business agility and inter-connectedness demanded by the digital age. This isn’t important just for internal operations, but for improved customer experiences.

In fact, API integrations benefit both the customer and the business using them. Digital Tomorrow Today uses a travel site as an example. If someone is looking to book a vacation abroad, they might want to know the following:

  • Weather

  • Currency exchange rates

  • Fun events to attend

  • Flight availability and prices,, TripAdvisor, and airlines provide this information. Rather than have the visitor search Google to find this information, API integrations allow them to see this information on the travel site.

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