27 May 2017

The FlightBoard of future is here

RocketRoute has launched FlightBoard, an innovative cloud-based flight tracking system which allows users to monitor any number of flights with ease. The product is specially designed for FBOs, Handlers and small airports which don’t have a flight board of their own.

With RocketRoute FlightBoard, a user can check any IFR airport within the Eurocontrol zone, as well as in the FAA zone in the US. It also allows users to set up a custom airport list.

Flights being tracked are updated every minute. All activity can be overseen just by switching between departures and arrivals. To receive notifications or alerts via email or SMS, a user merely has to register an aircraft.

RocketRoute FlightBoard offers flight tracking for general aviation flights, scheduled and non-scheduled flights, and has worldwide coverage.

Product Owner, Christina Tsegenko, commented; “Part of the beauty of this product is its adaptive design; it’s perfectly viable on all screen sizes. In short, it is now easy to follow any aircraft and see flight information from all over the world on any device.”

Full Article: RocketRoute Ltd.

Source : RocketRoute Ltd.

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