27 May 2017

Icelandair Becomes First Airline to Bring High-Speed Connectivity and Internet Streaming to Transatlantic Flights with ViaSat's IFS

Icelandair, in operation since 1937, has a long history of bridging North America and mainland Europe through Iceland. Today, the Airline announced it will bring the fastest, most powerful in-flight connectivity and internet streaming service to passengers - across this transatlantic bridge - through a new partnership with global broadband services and technology company, ViaSat Inc.

To deliver ultimate internet experiences at 35,000 feet, Icelandair will tap into ViaSat-2, expected to be the most powerful, highest capacity satellite communications system at launch, and will leverage ViaSat's latest generation (Gen-2) in-flight internet system. By using the latest advancements in ViaSat's in-flight internet portfolio, Icelandair will be able to offer full internet and streaming services at scale.

"Icelandair continues to expand its global network with additional flights, aircraft and service capabilities across the Atlantic - our investment in new technology, from ViaSat, will deliver one of the best internet experiences in the skies," said, Guðmundur Óskarsson, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Icelandair. "In partnering with ViaSat we continue our strong reputation of putting our passengers first by giving them the opportunity to use the internet the way they want to - by providing internet with fast web browsing speeds and video streaming."

Icelandair will integrate ViaSat's in-flight internet system across its fleet of 16 Boeing 737MAX aircraft through post-delivery modifications.

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