27 May 2017

Creating a rich and engaging online shopping experience for Air Dolomiti with Amadeus technology

When a traveller is researching a potential trip on an airline website, the searching and booking process needs to be as intuitive as possible. An engaging website not only makes flight shopping and booking easier and more enjoyable, but will also enable the airline to market new products and services to travellers in a vivid and compelling way – in turn, creating new revenue opportunities. 
Today, Amadeus and Air Dolomiti, part of the Lufthansa Group, announce the airline has implemented Amadeus e-Retail to power its new website, and has signed for Amadeus Ancillary Services, which will go live in July.
Amadeus e-Retail is the world’s most widely-used airline internet booking engine, helping airlines maximise online sales. Amadeus e-Retail creates a single screen to display dates, availability and Air Dolomiti’s three fare families; Light, Plus and Emotion, in an intuitive calendar format. Consolidating these into a single display means the traveller can shop in one place, without needing to navigate back and forth to compare prices and dates, and to understand what the fare families entail. 
From the shopping screen, the traveller can then complete a booking in just two further steps. The website is also able to adapt to the device used by the traveller, so it’s consistent across mobile and desktop. 
As well as improving the shopping experience, the new technology brings increased merchandising options to the airline. Amadeus e-Retail allows the airline to promote specific fare families through online branding, while Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services will enable travellers to purchase seats and bags in advance of travel through the airline’s website. 
Paolo Sgaramella, Vice President Commercial Air Dolomiti says, “We’ve been able to take an important step forward in raising awareness of our offering thanks to the timely implementation of Amadeus e-Retail. The new website took just six months from initial scoping to go-live. This means we will be soon in a position to develop and market new products and services. Amadeus e-Retail not only enables these opportunities, but also ensures we have a faster time to market when we want to introduce something new.”

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Source : Amadeus IT Group

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