13 May 2017

May 2017 Service Updates

This week RocketRoute will implement updates to our service, providing three significant improvements:

1. New menu for easy navigation.

2. Unified sign-in to all apps and services.

3. Updates to fuel requesting and handling.

Please read below and, if you have any concerns, feel free to contact our support team.


New Menu Bar

RocketRoute will introduce a new navigation menu bar for all web apps. This will allow users to move seamlessly between our services including FlightPlan, Fuel and Concierge.


Unified Sign-In

RocketRoute will provide a new single sign-in for all our apps and services. This will allow users to move between any application and service without having to sign in again. We’ve made it easier and faster.

You will also see a colour change on the sign-in page, as shown below:


Updates to Requesting Fuel & Handling from FlightPlan

RocketRoute will update our flight sub-menu to show the new process order for preparing a flight plan as follows:

1. Route > enter departure, destination, route, alternatives and Field 18 info.

2. Fuel – M&B – Crew > enter fuel loading and crew, enter mass and balance.

Services > request trip related services.

3. File > check and file your flight plan.

When you click Next, users will be taken through this flow.

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