30 Apr 2017

ATP Announces Custom Alerting in ChronicX® Solution

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) — the aviation industry’s premier provider of information, tools, and services for manufacturers, owner/operators, and maintenance providers — today announced Custom Alerting, a new customer-driven innovation in the ChronicX® Solution that enables the automatic detection and management of chronic and critical defects with unprecedented accuracy, speed and control. Airlines and MROs deploying the ChronicX Solution with Custom Alerts are expected to dramatically minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) risk while boosting fleet health and equipment utilization.

The new Custom Alerts tool complements the already powerful capabilities of the ChronicX Solution by enabling users to set up customized alerts to monitor fleets on an ongoing basis for issues of specific interest and automatically generating user-defined defect reports.  This new product innovation represents a breakthrough in performance relative to competitive alternatives. Custom Alerts are generated when the powerful text-matching algorithms of ChronicX identify defect reports that match user-defined rules, which can be created quickly using built-in rule templates and pick lists drawn from the operator’s own fleet data. Rules are previewed on existing fleet records, dramatically increasing the speed and quality of rule creation, making the learning curve brief for even novice users.

The combination of Custom Alerts and ChronicX uniquely enables users to manage and monitor fleets for both known and unknown issues. ChronicX excels in identifying recurring defects while the Custom Alerts tools enables users to customize alerts to automatically monitor specific types of events, such as “smoke”, “flap jam”, and “nose wheel shimmy.” With Custom Alerts, airlines and MROs can more efficiently and effectively perform required tasks such as Service Difficulty Reporting and monitor the trends of issues across an entire fleet, among other benefits.

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Source : Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP)

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