15 Apr 2017

WX24Pilot App Offers Simplified Weather Analysis

One hurdle for many pilots, especially those flying IFR, is interpreting the hundreds of Metars, TAFs, Sigmets, Airmets, prog charts and other weather data sources available online today. All too often, pilots choose to simply check destination weather, winds aloft and perhaps a few Metars along the route. Downloading more data is not a solution, however. What’s missing really is context to understand the data being presented.

Paxton Calvanese told Flying yesterday at Sun ‘n Fun he believes his WX24Pilot iOS app’s visual presentation of a variety of weather data sources is a practical solution to the weather data dump many pilots subject themselves to before takeoff. The app, available for smart phones and tablets, blends hourly weather reports and forecasts with winds aloft, PIREPs and prog charts into a graphical display that simplifies weather analysis. With the touch of a finger, the app’s display offers several visual options to demonstrate weather changes expected with the passage of time.

For IFR pilots the app can visually present the need for an IFR alternate, just in case the pilot’s a bit rusty on the 1, 2, 3 alternate rule. There’s also a personal minimum section perfect for VFR aviators that makes areas of significant weather along a flight planned route stand out. Don’t like what you see? Pilots can use a finger to pull the route line one way or the other to find better weather. The app offers many more tools, all available by either touching an icon or double-tapping the screen.

The app comes with a word of warning from its creator. Calvanese believes there are so many useful elements to WX24Pilot that he created easily downloadable tutorials. He says if users aren’t willing to spend at least their age in minutes learning how to use WX24Pilot, they really shouldn’t waste their time downloading the app.

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Source : Flying Magazine

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