13 Apr 2017

WestJet Transforms Its Revenue Accounting Processes with Mercator’s RAPID Managed Services

WestJet’s ambitious goals to be one of the most successful airlines in the industry meant growth needed to be supported with leading industry technology and expertise. Mercator’s RAPID Managed Services solution supported WestJet to increase efficiencies and effectiveness allowing them to focus on generating revenue.


WestJet is Canada’s low cost airline of choose, with 91 domestic and international destinations spanning from North America to Europe. Founded in 1996 and pioneered as a low-cost carrier to service domestic passengers, it has grown to an organization of more than 10,000 employees, and 18.5 million passengers per year, making it the eighth largest airline in North America.


The fast expansion and success of WestJet was driven by their vision of being one of the five most successful international airlines in the world by 2016. This created a challenging environment for WestJet to operate within, with such short timelines to achieve such an ambitious goal. Starting as a traditional low cost domestic airline, before swiftly moving into international expansion, a fundamental transformation needed to take place from a ticketless reservations system to a traditional system based on providing tickets numbers. The existing reservations system was no longer able to support the needs of the business and WestJet needed a quick influx of expertise in the revenue accounting department.


While conducting extensive research into revenue accounting solutions, WestJet reached out to Mercator, who after detailed workshops and consulting activities, to better understand the work practices of the airline, was selected as their managed services partner. RAPID Managed Services was chosen to allow for swift determination of revenue, a boost in productivity and efficiency, reduced accounting costs, and refined processes. The carrier’s executives were armed with incisive management reports, giving them the confidence to make informed tactical decisions and winning long-term strategies.

The service delivery solution united industry, technology, advisory and analytics expertise for WestJet to create actionable business insights and operational improvements.

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