28 Mar 2017

FlyEx launches the first personalized, on-demand, peer-to-peer travel booking and messaging platform

FlyEx, the first personalized, on-demand peer-to-peer travel booking and messaging platform, officially launched at SXSW. Through their smartphones, FlyEx connects Travelers to a global network of trusted FlyEx Aviators to help them book flights and hotels at the lowest prices anywhere, with on-demand access to comprehensive, 24/7 travel concierge services and support.

Powered by a revolutionary Travel Chat platform built for the needs of today's tech savvy traveler, FlyEx provides everything the modern traveler needs, from travel inspiration, planning, and booking, to concierge services throughout the FlyEx Traveler's journey.

Need inspiration for a vacation? Message your trusted Aviator in-app for ideas where to travel from real people with intimate knowledge of amazing vacation destinations worldwide. During booking, if FlyEx's fares or hotel prices don't fit your budget, your Aviator has the power to customize fares to meet your needs, on-demand. While traveling, if your flight is delayed, use the in-app messaging to let your Aviator know, and they'll make sure your hotel has been notified of your late check-in. At your travel destination, a FlyEx Aviator can help with recommendations for great places to see and eat locally. These travel concierge services and more are available free of charge, 24/7 to all FlyEx Travelers.

The FlyEx platform is revolutionizing the industry with a direct, peer-to-peer booking and Travel Chat platform that connects Flyex Travelers and Aviators directly. Like Uber, Airbnb, and other sharing economy upstarts, FlyEx allows anyone with a smartphone that has met the minimum qualifications to become a FlyEx Aviator. The registration is simple at, and once approved, users become FlyEx Aviators with the ability to provide customized, personalized travel booking and concierge services directly to their private FlyEx Traveler network, on-demand.FlyEx

Travelers can download the app directly at Once downloaded, Travelers are connected instantly to a global network of trusted FlyEx Aviators with the ability to customize fares and hotels, on demand. Concierge services are free and available to all FlyEx Travelers.

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