19 Mar 2017

ATS Aviation Services Selects Quantum Control MRO and Logistics Software to Enhance Agility and Responsiveness

Component Control announced today that ATS Aviation Services, a division of Advanced Technology Services (ATS), an equipment maintenance, industrial parts, and IT managed services provider, has chosen Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software to enhance its agility and customer responsiveness. 

“Quantum’s ease of use, flexibility and scalability will enable ATS Aviation Services to adapt quickly to new customers and their changing needs, as well as provide tailored solutions for specific customer requirements,” said Wayne Trzeciak, Aviation Parts and Logistics Manager.

In 2015, ATS introduced its Aviation Services division focused on serving the needs of the aviation maintenance and parts industry with supply chain logistics, airframe parts and component repair, total quality management, and calibration services.

ATS Aviation Services’ holistic, full-service approach provides added flexibility, faster response times and better value than multiple vendors. With Quantum Control on the Cloud, ATS Aviation Services’ management and employees have quick and easy access to data, work orders, reports and customer documents via web-based devices, further enhancing the company’s responsive customer service. The cloud service also serves as an ongoing backup system for easy disaster recovery.

“We’re excited about our selection of Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software as the platform for our business operation. We join hundreds of other companies who have already made this very important decision,” said Trzeciak.
Quantum Control MRO and Logistics solution installed at ATS Aviation Services operates on a highly scalable and secure OracleTM database. Quantum Control on the Cloud provides ondemand access to applications via the Web, enhancing flexibility and mobility. For information on the modules chosen by ATS Aviation Services, see appendix one below.

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