19 Mar 2017

A New Era in Augmented Reality

A new era of technological revolution is all set to disrupt the business landscape once again. The brilliantly conceived HoloLens holds promise to transform the business operations by simplifying the routine to complex day-to-day activities through interactive holograms. Enabling comprehensive collaboration and communication, HoloLens allows in-depth exploration of functionalities through specialized sensors and optics. An experience of augumented/mixed reality is delivered through an amalgamated digital interaction.  

Ramco's MRO IT lab at Singapore has already adopted the innovative concept of HoloLens and is working on customizing it to derive effective solutions and use cases for the Aviation and Logistics industries. Having created two potentially progressive prototypes for MRO, Ramco is well on its way to tap this innovative application of augmented reality across all verticals.

What are the two MRO-specific use cases for HoloLens? Let's take a peek into Ramco's state-of-the-art lab for a quick preview.

Use Case 1: MRO Training

HoloLens provides immense opportunities to deliver in-depth MRO training for engineers and operators.

For example, 3D models of jet engines can be converted into detailed holograms and projected into HoloLens, resulting in an authentic training experience simulating every scenario they would come across as part of their operational responsibilities.

Every component of the jet engine can be navigated intricately and on selecting a specific component, they can gain access to detailed videos and related visual information about the component.

Similarly, it is also possible to expand extensively from this perspective and digitize an entire aircraft from corresponding 3D models. These holograms are delivered as training apps on HoloLens and they provide a precise and exhaustive view of every aspect of the aircraft from an MRO perspective so operators, mechanics, and engineers can be trained in detail.

Use Case 2: MRO - Remote Support

One of the primary applications of HoloLens is in providing comprehensive remote support from the maintenance control center/Technical services to engineers and mechanics in remote locations.

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