19 Mar 2017

This Airline Partnered With Uber to Turn an Ordinary Taxi Ride Into a Flight Abroad

Wake up, go to work, come home. Wake up, go to work, come home.

It’s an invariable grind that’s almost impossible to see past. The logistics alone of even tiny weekend trips can stop us from starting the process at all, leaving us marinating in unrealized fantasies of escape.

But what if getting away for a long weekend were as easy as calling an Uber?

With help from French agency Les Gaulois, budget flight brand Transavia partnered with Uber to create “UberESCAPE,” which launched this week in three major French cities: Paris, Lyon and Nantes.

For one week, Transavia’s flights will be connected to the Uber app. When opened, and in addition to proffering all the usual car options, users will see an “UberESCAPE” button … which will instantly list all the exotic departures taking off from the nearest airport.

Go ahead, order Lisbon. The cost of the flight is folded into the cost of your Uber trip.

Aw, did the boss yell at you today? Instant escape hatch!

In addition to perhaps encouraging people to make up with Uber, the campaign reinforces Transavia’s goal of making travel feel more accessible, not just with lower prices but with clever campaigns that flaunt ease of departure in unexpected ways. Two years ago, the company printed actual plane tickets on snacks, available in select French supermarkets, vending machines and metro stations.

Those familiar with JetBlue’s antics will see a comrade-in-arms here. To achieve similar ends, JetBlue in the U.S. has encouraged New Yorkers to steal its bus shelter ads for prizes (including free trips!) and tempted people to drop their briefcases smack in the middle of Times Square, using billboards that show exactly how far you are, timewise, from sunshine and mojitos.

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